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building a sustainable future
net Zero by 2040

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We are committed  to achieve net zero carbon status across all our new developments in 40 years, surpassing the standard benchmark by a decade.

commitment to sustainability in real assets

our sustainbility approach

Adopting eco-friendly practices and energy-efficient designs across operations to minimise environmental impact and embodied carbon, promoting sustainable industry growth.

  • Energy-efficient building design and the integration of renewable energy sources, coupled with smart technologies, significantly reduce carbon emissions, optimize energy usage, and offer cost savings, paving the way for a sustainable and cost-effective future.

  • We prioritise sustainability by investing in 1:1 reforestation for all our projects. This commitment protects the natural environment, preserves biodiversity, and goes beyond net zero, ensuring fundamental rehabilitation of our nature.

  • we embrace renewable energy installations, leveraging photovoltaic cells to capture solar energy, thus diminishing our reliance on conventional energy sources, lowering carbon emissions, and contributing to a cleaner, greener future

  • We advance water conservation with innovative strategies, including rainwater harvesting, low-flow fixtures, and recycling systems, reducing waste and costs for a greener, sustainable future.

  • We accomplish this through the implementation of best practices and policy applications, employing decarbonising strategies across both our operational and embodied carbon.

  • We are committed to excellence in sustainable building practices, ensuring that every building we develop achieves a minimum LEED Gold certification or equivalent specific to the region.

sustainability in action
development standards and certification

Implementing carbon-neutrality, reforestation pledges, and regional benefits for community upliftment.


Partnering with local charities, promoting diversity in hiring, and prioritizing employee wellness.


Translating ESG strategy into actionable plans; measuring environmental footprint at company and staff levels.


our ESG commitment

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