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Forest Road

We offset Co2 emissions by planting

a square meter of forest for every square meter of commercial property we built.

We strive for sustainability 

Sustainable Energy

by minimizing the environmental impact of our activities

Green Ivy from the Roof

by implementing projects that benefit the local community at the places where they are built

Green Indoors

by creating sustaining commercial success

Green Roofs

Integrated approach
to sustainability

We aim for conservation and remediation of the environment to achieve sustainable targets through best practices and policy applications. 

In order to assess the effectiveness of implemented actions impact metrics are monitored and the performances are benchmarked against industry and green initiative standards.

Equalbase collaborates with stakeholders and consultants to define targets and implement actions. By taking an integrated approach that involves all stakeholders—from the authorities to community members to investors to business partners and customers —it is possible to create lasting change that benefits everyone involved.  

We advocate for a healthy and inclusive working environment. This includes implementing health protocols throughout the development and construction process. Everything is communicated to all employees through appropriate means.  These protocols are reviewed frequently and adjusted if necessary to be maintained at the highest possible standards.

To expand inclusivity, communities are engaged at the local level to ensure that our projects meet the acceptance of local stakeholders. It is therefore of utmost importance to understand the culture, environmental requirements and local conditions. 

We track and evaluate the adherence to sustainable and ethical practices to achieve sustainable targets, corporate transparency and accountability.

Our commitments and targets are openly reflected through reports. Our management teams frequently review work executions and business practices to ensure compliance with the highest environmental, industrial and ethical standards.

The company will continue to adhere to environmental and industry standards while tracking areas that need improvement and reporting based on client and workforce responsibilities.

Sustainable steps


We design for longevity

Green Plants

We minimise the
environmental impact

Parallel Lines

We verify our
sustainable goals

We design keeping in mind the wellbeing of the workers

We maximise

energy efficiency

We design for low
operating expenses

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We view sustainability as central to our mission of delivering strong returns for clients. Equalbase is using its scale and expertise to help strengthen our companies, assets and the communities in which they operate.

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