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building world class sustainable 
industrial real estate through innovation...

our story

Founded in 2002 by a group of visionary friends, equalbase emerged from a quest to address complex logistics challenges and a pivotal question: How can real estate investments contribute to the greater good? By 2009, equalbase established itself as a leader in the industrial real estate sector, integrating investment solutions with a deep commitment to environmental and social progress.


Our ethos extends beyond financial gains, aiming for sustainable value that benefits all stakeholders and the planet. As part of Amboss Holdings, we embrace innovative architectural designs and alternative energy solutions, prioritising energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, and carbon emission reduction. Equalbase stands as a beacon of innovation and collective activism, inspiring the industrial real estate sector to consider the long-term impact of their decisions on the world.

our values

our milestones


We encourage and embrace open and authentic communications internally and externally.


We appreciate our customers challenges, understand their needs and provide appropriate solutions.


We respond speedily but operate flexibly in decision-making, planning and delivery.


We build trust with stakeholders by delivering on the promises we make.

To provide world‐class specialty industrial real estate investment opportunities through building sustainable innovation


A better world for future generations


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