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Building world‐class sustainable commercial and industrial real estate through innovation...

...sustainable engineering forms the foundation of our projects


Our story

We provide flexible and innovative customer-focused solutions for specialty commercial and industrial real-estate development and investment


Customer-Centricity: At Equalbase we understand the client's supply chains, needs and requirements. This is vital to a successful project and to ensure that future buildings can adapt to the client’s long-term growth and development strategies.


Sustainability: Embracing innovation is about cutting through material acquisition and hunkering down to novel architecture that harnesses alternative energy beyond green labels and stamps. To us, it’s all about smarter energy generation, water conservation, waste management and carbon emissions.


Sustainability has become the driving force of Equalbase, where novel yet sustainable engineering forms the foundation of our projects.


Reliability:  At Equalbase we think about value creation and further.  This extends to the impact on our stakeholders as we join hands with them on our collective strategies.  It is about thinking responsibly, the bedrock of our investments.


Agility: We enable clients to align their global strategy with our competence in building world-class specialty commercial and industrial real estate assets and investments.  As a diverse company, we are in sync with global megatrends that are changing the investment landscape which involves increasing regulation, risk mitigation and a heightened social conscience.

Our building technology prowess and our expertise in supply chain real estate investment serve as dual engines to our sustainable integrated solutions, keeping us and our stakeholders at the forefront of industry developments while forging long-term partnerships.


We exist to contribute to future generations by providing sustainable real estate investment opportunities.


Our Vision

A better world for future generations

Our Mission

To provide world‐class specialty commercial and industrial real estate investment opportunities through building sustainable innovation

Our values


We encourage and embrace open and authentic communications internally and externally.


We respond speedily but operate flexibly in decision-making, planning and delivery.


We appreciate our customers challenges, understand their needs and provide appropriate solutions.


We build trust with stakeholders by delivering on the promises we make.

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